Ramblings of a Bad Gamer

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A Place For Longer Tweets


  I've decided that I would like to share some random thoughts that I might have. there is no guarantee that they will be coherent, have correct grammar and spelling, heck they may get deleted moments after I publish them.

  But they will be mine and I welcome you to join in on this newest adventure. The Gametographers are family and I want to grow with you. That's it. Stop reading this and go get some pics.

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Hey! You Made It!


So today we had a show on our twitch channel ( www.twitch.tv/thegametographers ), and there were some doozies. However, I totally forgot to plug this new site. (Classic me). That reminded me of some of the things that I do while doing my thing for pics in games. Resetting the settings. Continuing gameplay. Once I even ejected the disk. Well, I'm glad I didn't mess this launch up...oh wait.

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The Next Unwritten Entry

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